Monday, February 20, 2012

My Weekend Deals (and kinda steals)

Hubby never worries when I tell him that I’ve been shopping. In fact, he knows that usually it means that there is more food in the kitchen. What can I say – I’m predictable. This weekend I found a few deals worth sharing that are still going on.

Great Clips $6.99 Haircut Sale

This sale started last weekend but is going until this Friday (02.24.12). If you usually just stop in somewhere for a haircut instead of religiously visiting the same stylist – this is a deal for you! There may be a little bit of a wait because of all of the other people trying to get the same deal, but at this price for a quick trim, it is worth the little bit extra time!


Every Sunday, I love reading the circular from Target. If you don’t get a newspaper (I don’t, but my mom does) you can always view the weekly deals online. Target had a couple of features this week that I took advantage of. And by a couple, I really mean three. The first one was a five pound box of Cuties for $4.99. These are great for a little snack or for part of a bagged lunch. The second was sort of a double deal for me. They have several pet items listed for $10.99 each – with an additional $5.00 gift card if you buy two of the participating products. I bought two 35 pound containers of kitty litter (oh trust me – it will get used) which were $1.00 off of the regular price each and then the $5.00 gift card. Total kitty litter savings: $7.00. Woo hoo! The last deal that I took part is was $5.00 for a Dr. Seuss book. I got Green Eggs and Ham. I know that we don’t have kids (yet) but when our friends bring theirs over it is nice to have a few things to help entertain them!

Pizza Hut $10 Meal Box

I spent Sunday morning hanging out with my mom and younger sister. After little sis left, we realized that the morning was becoming the afternoon and we needed to think about lunch. Cue a very well timed commercial for Pizza Hut’s new $10 Meal box and we had an idea. We called in the order and went in to pick it up (it’s always cheaper to pick up!) The box includes a rectangular one topping pizza, breadsticks with marinara, and cinnamon sticks with icing. In a word – yum. In more words than that – it was a great size for both of us and even left enough for my mom to have for dinner last night or lunch today.

So those are the deals that I took advantage of this weekend. I could have shopped for more groceries, but I stayed in on Saturday and cleaned. I mean really cleaned. As in lots of laundry and a super clean bathroom kind of cleaned. But who wants to hear about my bathroom anyway?


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