Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lunch with Hubby: A Rare Treat in the Work-Week

Yesterday was a very rare treat. Hubby was out running errands which included coming to see me at the office and going to lunch together. It hardly ever happens even though Hubby is off every other Monday and Tuesday. I usually bring my lunch and he usually saves the gas. Sometimes saving money isn’t the most fun, but it really pays off in the end (yes, I fully intended to make the pay off pun).

One thing that usually keeps us from meeting up for lunch is the cost. Not only are we out the money for the gas for him to drive to my office, but then the cost of two people eating out on a weekday. Right now though, Subway is revisiting their $5 foot long for any regular sub! Ahh, choices!

For $10.83 (after tax) we were both able to get a foot long sub of our choice and a cup for water. I got a tuna sub on wheat with American cheese, lettuce, bell pepper, lots of pickles, and mayo. I wasn’t able to eat all of mine, but with the price of a six-inch being just $0.25 less than a foot long, it was worth the quarter to have it for later. Hubby got a spicy Italian on Italian bread with pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, black olives, onions, and banana peppers.

We both ate (and I had a little left over) for so little that it made a fun time together even better by knowing that we weren’t breaking the bank.


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