Friday, February 17, 2012

Introduction of Chaos

There are some times in life that go more smoothly than others. And then there are times when chaos is the dominating feature of life. Lately, no matter how hard I have tried, it seems that chaos has taken over my home. I am behind in pretty much all of my housework and it is driving me a little bit of crazy.

This weekend, the plan is to try and catch up on some things while Hubby is at work. I love it when he is home on the weekend and at night, but it is always easier for me to clean while he is out. Since we both work, that can occasionally help introduce that chaos. While I have still been cooking (that means that I’m caught up on cleaning the dishes) I am way behind in laundry. Part of that is from changing out the dryer hose and connection the outside of the house. Nothing is quite like doing laundry and having all of the lint fluff come out of a hole into the laundry room.

So wish me luck, and I promise that I’ll be better about posting once me new camera comes in! I want to take lots of pictures to post here and my iPhone just isn’t cutting it. And just so you know, I ordered the camera with rewards points. So I’m still being accountable for my spending.

Wishing you a happy weekend!


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