Friday, February 3, 2012

Last Ngiht's Dinner: Pizza!

Last night Hubby worked late, so I took the oppertunity to go and spend some time with my mom after stocking up on a few grocery essentials. After helping her hang about 15 new things on her walls (she's so far ahead of me on this it's not even funny), we ordered pizza!

So price wise, pizza for me was free (!) because my mom paid. But here is the scoop on it anyway.

Right now, Pizza Hut sells any large pizza for $10 if it is carry out. The price goes up for the pizza if it is delivery and then you still have the delivery charge plus tip to pay. I'm sorry, but for that amount of money I'll go pick it up myself thankyouverymuch!

So while it's another night of no recipes (I promise, I usually cook!) it is another tip for eating out on the cheap.



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