Monday, March 12, 2012

She Just Paid How Much?

This Saturday was wet, rainy, and just generally gloomy. The bright side of that was that Hubby was off of work so we were able to spend the time together. Before the rain started, Hubby worked on getting our soon to be garden ready (he has huge plans for growing food – I’ll keep you posted!) and I worked on cleaning the kitchen. The down side of saving lots of money by cooking all the time is that the kitchen always seems to be a mess. Someday soon I will get all caught up on everything and my house will look amazing. Well, a girl can dream, right?

After the rain started, we became kind of useless. You know how it goes – the rain is falling, it’s nice and gray outside, and you hear that pitter patter on the roof. Useless. We were both about to fall asleep in the middle of the afternoon. We finally pried our sleepy selves up off the couch and went into town to run some errands. We had to pick up cat food (Trouble really lets us have it when we get low) and Hubby needed a couple of things from Target. By the way, Target is just about one of my favorite stores ever!!! Every time that I go there I have to take extra time and look through all of the clearance sections. It is a great place to find great gifts for friends and family at a great price.

After we had gone through and gotten out loot (including makeup for me, new sneakers on clearance for me, and a super fun messenger bag for $2.50 on clearance for me too!) we went to wait to get checked out. All of the lines were pretty busy so we ended up in line behind a woman that had a ton of stuff. Finally it was all rung up and we heard her total: $362.74. I nearly fainted. I looked at Hubby and I swear that my eyes had to have been bugged out in disbelief. My total, in case you were wondering, was $19.32.

Hearing that total really got me thinking. She had a bunch of frozen and convenience style foods in her cart, and I didn’t really see the makings of a decorating makeover. That means that this total came mostly from food. I don’t spend that much on food in a month. By buying ingredients and shopping around for the best prices on specific items, you can have great food, great meals, and still have money left to pay everything else that life requires.

So I’m going to keep posting about how I do things to save as much money as possible and afford to have a great life on a reasonable budget. And by that I mean that I’m going to try and be better about posting. Sorry, but there is nothing like getting your brain broken in the checkout line at Target to get you motivated to share your tips and tricks!


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