Friday, March 2, 2012

From Boneless Ribs to Pork-cicles

One of my favorite things about shopping for groceries is finding good deals – especially on meat. There are plenty of times that we have had new cuts of meat just because I found it on sale. It’s a great way to save money and to try new things.

Sometimes when I find meat on sale, I tend to get little bit more than we can eat at one time. After all, it is just me and Hubby and even though we have healthy appetites we can only eat so much. I mean come on, I want to loose weight, not gain it. (Side note – one way to loose weight and live a healthy life is to cook your own food. You know what all is in it and you save so much money.) When I go a little overboard on the purchasing, I break the meat out of the packages that it came in (because they are useless when freezing things) and freeze them in easy to access portions.

For these boneless pork ribs, I first pulled out all three packages and the bag that I planned to freeze them in. I decided to freeze them all in one gallon sized freezer bag because each package made one row when placed in there flatly. The bag held all three rows and they will still be easy to break apart to thaw and cook. Or I could just thaw them all when we have friends over and make a super big meal. Not that I’m planning anything – THIS IS NOT A PARTY ANNOUNCEMENT! (Whew – had to put that in there!)

So that is how I freeze boneless ribs to take up as little space as possible and still be accessible to thaw and cook. Lining them up allows me to only pull out what I want instead of letting them freeze into a giant block of pork. Delicious, but not practical.

I hope that helps anyone and I’ll be sure to share my tips for freezing other types of meat!


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