Thursday, March 1, 2012

It’s All Just a Little Bit of Cookery Repeating

We all have leftovers sitting around that we don’t really want to eat. You know the ones – it’s something that you are tired of, or the sides that you ate with it are gone, or even it just plain doesn’t sound good today.

Today I have the story of pulled pork that got some new life as tacos. I know that it sounds like a strange idea, but sometimes you can take parts of a previous meal and re-work them into something completely different. The easiest things to do this with are meats, but plain rice and past can be worked over for new meals too.

The first thing I did was to pull the pulled port apart even more. It was still in some pretty large pieces and needed to be thinned out just a bit. This makes it much easier to get a better coating of sauce on the meat.

Doesn’t that look nice? Now we need to make up the sauce a bit. Just put plain barbeque sauce into a sauce pan (what a handy title for a pan to put sauce in!) and add garlic salt and hot sauce. Hubby LOVES Sriracha. Loves it. He puts it in all sorts of stuff when I’m not looking. Like creamy chicken ramen soup. Weirdo. (I love you Hubby!) Anyway, after you add the garlic salt, add some hot sauce of your choosing until you reach the level of pain…I mean spice that you prefer.

Then add the pulled pork and stir until combined and heated throughout.

Now get out your tortillas, add some pork, grated cheese, and sliced avocado and ta-da! Another dinner from one that you already cooked! Not only do you have a great meal with little effort, but you aren’t wasting something that you already have (and thusly saving money)!

This was such a big hit with Hubby that he is already requesting it again.

Hope that you enjoy it too!


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