Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Mission (or What the Heck am I Doing Here?)

There are many reasons that people start blogs. Some people have a pathological need to over share. Some people just want a place to vent. Some people just want something to do to kill some time. But I’m not “some people” – I’m just me and I’m starting this blog after thinking long and hard about a comment that my Nana made when I first got married.

Nana said that I should start a journal for myself to look back on later of the things I have done since being married and all of the good times that I have had with my new husband, home, and life. Coming from a woman that has been married for over 50 years, that is pretty powerful advice. My grandmother was 17 years old and my grandfather was 19 years old when they got married on Christmas Day and she had just found a menu plan for a week that she had written for her home economics class. How cute is it that she still has it?

When Hubby and I first got married, we lived in one side of a tiny duplex. We had one bathroom, no dishwasher, no counter space in the kitchen, and more places to sit than walk inside. It was not perfect, but it had both of our names on the lease, so we were pretty happy. I was also really happy to look for houses that I thought were in our price range (more on that later – there really is an art to it). And after looking at some real rotten apples, we finally found our new home.

Now just a preface: we are not rich. We both work hard for the money that we have and since I am the one that is better at finances, I work just as hard to spend it wisely. And that is the real mission of this blog – for me to share how I stretch what we have into what we want and a little bit of what we dream of. The best way to do that is to make what you can yourself, save on supplies, and know when you are out of your league and save up to hire a pro.

So that’s my introduction. Let the home making (literally) begin!


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