Friday, January 27, 2012

Life is What Happens When You Make Plans

Last night Hubby worked late, so I had planned to go home, do some cleaning and laundry, and time everything with dinner to be hot and ready when he walked in the door. Sounds good right? Responsible even. What an awesome wife I am.

So I got off of work, stopped in to his work to see him, got him something to drink (I’m nice like that, what can I say?) and then headed on home to get started. Everything is going according to plan so far. I walk in the door and…due to the rain that we totally need but not quite all at once the plumbing in our 1981 vintage home was making that lovely “gurgle” noise that means that the only water getting used is what is necessary – so there went a load of dishes and laundry. So I can still straighten up the living areas! That will go so much nicer with something playing on the TV in the background, don’t you agree? But then a movie looked interesting on Netflix that I have never seen before. And then my orange cat, Murray (named after the great Bill Murray in case you were wondering), decided that he was going to hold me down.

So between Murray and Netflix, cleaning slowly made its way off of the agenda for the evening. But that was still ok, because dinner was totally going to make up for it. Just as I was about to get started on dinner, Hubby’s phone rang.

Now before anyone has anything to say about me looking at his phone while he’s gone – it’s totally fine. It is at his request so I’m not being nosy. So there. I looked at the caller ID – Mom. I answered and my mother-in-law was having well timed car troubles. I say well timed because I didn’t have dinner in the works yet so I was able to mobilize, Hubby was about to get off of work, and her hubby (my father-in-law) was also off work and on his way. It is also well timed because the new part had already come in and was scheduled for Hubby’s Auto Repair today

To make a long (and cold) story a little bit shorter, we all converged on the side of the road and eventually got her car towed to their house. I will also mention that Hubby and I are absolute beasts at towing cars. We rock, and I am being modest when I say that. The fact that we have enough practice to be this good is a whole other issue, but think of all the money that we have saved people and ourselves by towing cars instead of calling a tow truck! It is enough to make you run out and buy your own tow line.

By the time we got all of this done, it was after 11:00 p.m. and Hubby was understandably starving. Going home and waiting for me to cook was out so we made a different type of economic decision and headed through the drive-though of Del Taco. This type of economics figures in more than just the money we were spending. It includes the time, effort, and discomfort of waiting to cook versus the cost of the meal. Totally worth it no matter how you look at it.

So that is how my great plan to make a delicious dinner ended up in the Del Taco drive-through in almost the middle of the night. Oh well – that’s life.

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